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    Litigation Due Diligence Checklist   (Page 7 of 14)

    The following pages contain a detailed due diligence checklist that has been compiled from many years of M&A projects.


    While this is one of the most extensive and comprehensive due diligence checklists available for free on the internet, you should consult your lawyer and investment banker as they will likely have a few additional suggestions.


    1. A list of any litigation or judgments settled within the last 5 years in which the company was involved either directly or indirectly.
    2. A list of all pending or threatened litigation or administrative proceedings, inquiries, or investigations, including copies of petitions or complaints.
    3. A list of names and addresses of all legal counsel who are currently acting on behalf of the Company.
    4. A list of all consent decrees, judgments, injunctions, other decrees, orders, settlement agreements, arbitrations, and arbitration findings to which the Company is subject or bound