iDeals overview

iDeals virtual data room is a versatile platform for online due diligence and digital deal-making. With over ten years of innovation and outstanding customer support, iDeals offers all the necessary tools and services for a productive data room due diligence experience.

The iDeals due diligence data room offers a streamlined and more efficient experience during complex transactions. This provider’s key features include enhanced document security with up to eight levels of permissions and remote file control, absolute convenience from setup to deal execution, and sophisticated data processing technologies.

Provider summary: iDeals is a London-based company that has catered to organizations of all sizes since 2008. The provider focuses on delivering tools and services for streamlining due diligence, navigating M&A transactions, facilitating board operations, and managing extensive portfolios.

Users describe the iDeals interface as intuitive and highly effective. In addition,the platform is customizable and available on all devices, including tablets and smartphones.


iDeals virtual data room security certifications and compliances adhere to:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC 1 & 2
  • GDPR

Additionally, many comments on the iDeals virtual data room review page refer to detailed access security modifications. The software allows administrators to track all user activity, assign document-level access requirements, and establish document-viewing time limits. Admins can also restrict individual IP addresses, as well as printing, screenshotting, and downloading functionality.


iDeals offer three pricing models: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Pro and Business plans vary on the number of projects and administrators and the amount of stored data. The Enterprise plan is customized to the user’s requirements and includes a project team on the provider’s side.

New users can try out the iDeals due diligence data room for free for 30 days with no obligation.


The iDeals support team is available 24/7/365 via phone, email, or live-representative chat. Support speaks multiple languages, and the team guarantees a 15-minute response time.

iDeals for online due diligence

Quick and simplified due diligence is the foundation of iDeals virtual data room services. The provider offers extensive expertise along with advanced security technologies, such as 256-bit AES data encryption and seamless external tools integrations.

Some of the key iDeals features for online due diligence include:

  • Interactive Q&A sections
  • Fast and effortless document managing with drag-and-drop uploads & automatic indexing
  • Dynamic file watermarking
  • Custom due diligence document checklists
  • Detailed user activity reports

iDeals facilitates comfortable and resourceful data room due diligence to their users with the comprehensive toolset and enhanced data safety practices.