SmartRoom overview

A SmartRoom data room is built using innovative technologies in alignment with its legacy of over two decades. SmartRoom is secure and efficient and allows users to navigate their projects in a safe, collaborative environment.

The SmartRoom dataroom comes from a family of deal managing products by the BMC group. Their services are centered around making information handling more efficient and transparent while securing sensitive data and providing comfort to high-stake deal processors.

  • Provider summary: SmartRoom launched in 2004 in Los Angeles and quickly became the BMC group’s flagship product. The data management company has been operating since 1998. The SmartRoom data room offers solutions for M&A, alternative investments, corporate restructuring, and bankruptcy filing.

There is not a lot of user feedback available online for the SmartRoom due diligence data room. However, there are a few former users that mention general ease of use and a comfortable interface. However, some clients report difficulties with document organization — mainly uploading and downloading.


Microsoft Azure hosts the SmartRoom data room, which presents the following certification and compliances:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC 1, 2 & 3
  • 50 different region-specific compliances in Europe, Asia, North America, and more

Additional data security is ensured through features such as access revocation, detailed permissions and scheduled maintenance of internal safety practices, and file redaction for preserving confidential data elements.


The SmartRoom virtual data room follows a customized, per-feature pricing model. When calculating the cost, the provider will account for the type and length of the project, the number of users, and the amount of data storage.


All SmartRoom data room due diligence users have phone and email access to a 24/7/365 in-house support team. Depending on the client’s needs and background, the support representative will provide the platform guidance, assist with setting up the data room and help navigate the technical side of the process.

Due diligence with SmartRoom

The SmartRoom due diligence data room services reduce the time spent on deal processing and make each action inside the VDR highly efficient.

During due diligence, SmartRoom users benefit from features like:

  • Office 365 and Box integration
  • Smartphone applications for convenient mobile collaboration
  • Secure, traceable link sharing

A SmartRoom data room allows equipped navigation of complex deals. The clients who already use other BMC Group products will find the most value in this tool.