SecureDocs data room overview

SecureDocs due diligence data room is a product that was developed to replace costly and inconvenient traditional data rooms. The platform offers solutions for M&A cycles, fundraising, IPO filing, and confidential data storage and exchange. 

The due diligence data room by SecureDocs is a simple yet highly functional tool that enables quick and nearly effortless deal handling. According to user reviews, the software is quick to install, allowing decision-makers with varying levels of technical know-how to begin using the tool immediately.

  • Provider summary: SecureDocs was launched in 2012 by Appfolio, a vertical market SaaS provider based in California. Coming from a family of tech experts, SecureDocs offers plenty of elegant solutions to the most common challenges of M&A lifecycles.

SecureDocs users often refer to a highly responsive support team capable of addressing various issues and concerns. At the same time, however, the reviews point to a lack of feature versatility that is partially compensated with a minimalistic and practical interface.


SecureDocs protects user data through Amazon Web Services, which carry the following certificates and are compliant with:

  • ISO/IEC 27001 
  • SOC 1, 2, & 3

The users can also choose between multiple available data center locations based on their regional preferences. 

SecureDocs’ due diligence data room security uses detailed activity reporting, one-click screen concealing, and back-end access limitations. The administrators can choose to select multiple levels of user privileges and require multi-factor authentication for particular files.


The SecureDocs due diligence data room is billed as a flat-fee model. The users choose between 3-month, 12-month, and Volume packages, depending on the expected continuity of the project and the number of deals in the pipeline. 

The 3-month plan is billed quarterly at $400 a month. The provider also offers a 14-day trial period with the full feature capacity of the standard platform. 


The SecureDocs team can be reached via live-representative chat or email 24/7/365. 

SecureDocs for due diligence

SecureDocs delivers efficient data room due diligence experience to companies in various sectors. While the company’s features can benefit all company sizes, small and medium organizations often experience the most value.

Some of the SecureDocs due diligence data room features include:

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Customizable watermarks and NDAs
  • Multi-level user permissions

SecureDocs is a great choice for users who seek a simplified interface and fixed-fee billing.