Firmex VDR software overview

Firmex is a global VDR provider that facilitates due diligence across all sectors. Aiming to reinvent the traditional deal, the Firmex data room is an intuitive, highly effective tool that allows decision-makers to concentrate on the transaction.

Firmex data room due diligence is based on the principles of resourceful risk mitigation and absolute control. The users benefit from a tailored approach to an array of industries and deals, as well as from sophisticated toolsets and dedicated support.

  • Provider summary: Firmex is a Canadian-based SaaS provider that launched in 2006 in Toronto. The provider prides itself on reducing user costs while still offering comprehensive solutions.

The users highlight the overall simplicity of using the Firmex data room — from setup to onboarding employees. However, it’s worth mentioning that some reviews point to difficulties finding certain functions and not getting an immediate answer from the provider’s support team.


The Firmex due diligence data room certificates and compliances include:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC 2
  • GDPR

Firmex data room due diligence is secured on four levels: document, user, space, and hardware. The administrators take complete control over internal VDR rights and privileges for each user, and document requirements, such as view, downloading, and printing restrictions or NDAs.


Firmex pricing details are not available online. However, according to users’ feedback, Firmex adopts a custom, monthly charge model applied on a subscription basis or on a per-project basis upon request.


Firmex support is available 24/7/265 via phone and email. The agents guarantee a single-point-of-contact response, which means that customers don’t get transferred to other departments and representatives.

Additionally, the customer support team provides unlimited training on the Firmex data room features and technicalities, allowing the users to learn at a comfortable pace.

Firmex data room for due diligence

The due diligence data room by Firmex offers all the necessary instruments for making fast, effective decisions and asking the right questions.

All the parties involved in the due diligence process can take advantage of features, such as:

  • Simplified large file upload, including emailing the documents into the VDR
  • Smart document redaction for increased confidentiality
  • Data transfers’ encryption

Firmex offers great value to small and medium organizations worldwide, regardless of their industry. However, most Firmex data room users come from the biotech, investment banking, pharmaceuticals, and mining sectors.