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    Due Diligence can Increase Value

    Due Diligence is a critical part of preparing for the successful sale of all or partial interest in your business.  Done correctly it can result in a measurable increase in the valuation of your company.


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    There are many components to Due Diligence.  The scope of this web site extends far beyond a simple checklist of what to include or exclude.  Although, this web site contains one of the most complete Due Diligence Checklists available on the internet.


    Our hope is to not only provide a checklist but to also educate those traversing this path for the first time on some lesser known methods to increase valuation and put more money in your pocket.  You have worked hard to get your company to the point others want to invest.  You deserve to get paid for all of that hard work.


    Throughout the following pages of this web site we will look at:

    • What makes a good Investment Banker

    • What is my top role in this process

    • What is a Virtual or Online Data Room

    • What is Due Diligence and what documents are included

    • How do you keep all of your private records private

    • What are the advantages of a Virtual Data Room

    • How can I increase the value of my company

    We hope this site is of value to you and it helps you increase the final offer you receive.  Please drop us a note if you found the content useful.  Now, on to the information.....